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Why Signature Scents Are So Hard to Find in 2024

What Is A Signature Scent?

A signature scent is your go-to perfume, the one you wear every day. It’s a way of expressing who you are to people and imprinting yourself on others so they don’t forget you. That way they are reminded of you whenever they come across that particular scent “Every time I smell jasmine, I’m reminded of my ex.

But have you ever wondered why no one’s talking about their signature scent these days or dishing out advice how to find yours? We can all have a signature scent if we like, but fewer people are sticking to just one fragrance these days. Let’s look at why that’s happening. (NB: The quotes we’ve included below are real and come from research we’ve done with perfume lovers all over the world).


Freedom To Be Yourself

As we stated at the outset, perfume has always been associated with self-expression, a way to tell people who you are. But in 2024, we have so much freedom to express ourselves. We get to change our make-up, our hair colour, our outfits. So why not our perfume too?

“I mean, who wants to wear the same perfume every day when you’re not the same person every day”.

These days it is not uncommon for people to be curating an ever-growing collection of scents, to reflect an ever-evolving sense of self they are sharing with others.


Different Occasions

Different perfumes for different occasions just make sense. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a date and to the gym, so why the same perfume? The perfume you wear to work might be different to the one you wear when you are interested in someone—´The perfume I wear to work is clean. Inoffensive. But if he’s special then I’ll always wear rose”.

Occasions differ in formality, their surroundings, the type of people you mix with, and what you want to get out of the situation. Considering all that, it does seem rather impossible to expect one perfume to be able to do all that heavy lifting.


Different seasons

Perfume can also evoke strong seasonal reactions. We love fresh and fruity scents in summer, while in winter, cozy and warm fragrances like chocolate, wood or musk feel right. It’s like choosing the perfect outfit for the weather.

“It calms my senses and comforts me whenever I smell myself. Like, 'a curl up with a book on the couch under a blanket near the fireplace’, kind of smell. But it's way too heavy for summer”.


Self-indulgent Treats

Buying a new perfume can be a treat, like getting a new pair of shoes or a special dessert. It’s not out of the ordinary for a fragrance fanatic to be buying something new every payday. If they are on a tight budget, this might mean buying less expensive brands, choosing travel sizes, or relying on samples.

“I’m a serial sampler. I have over 300 scents in minis, decants, and bottles. There’s worse things to spend your money on than something that you use and makes you happy”


Mood Booster

Aromatherapy is not hippy-dippy nonsense, it’s real science. Unlike our other senses, our sense of smell is hardwired into our brains. You can totally boost your mood through your nose!

Also don’t forget, aromatherapy is not just about essential oils. Aromas are everywhere, in everything, and that includes perfume. If you are feeling down, perfume can do wonders.

“When I was really depressed, I used to reach for that perfume all the time. It did wonders for my mood”.



Wearing the same perfume every day can get boring. Call it ADHD, call it being human, we just get tired of ‘same, same’.

“I just get sick of smelling the same thing over and over. Even when I absolutely loved that perfume when I first bought it”.

Trying new things keeps life interesting and new perfumes are everywhere!



Even if a person was keen on a signature scent, with thousands of new perfumes coming out each year, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s something better out there.

We behave this way on dating apps too. The sheer volume of choices encourages us to keep looking—in case we miss out on our perfect match hidden behind the next swipe. It’s the same for perfume. Our quest for the perfect perfume could be just one more un-boxing experience away.

I’ll never get my nose on all the fragrances out there. I feel like I’m missing out on so many amazing creations”.


Trends Always End

Perfume like anything else, is subject to trends, and trends always end. Remember when everyone wanted to smell sweet and fruity? Now milky, lactonic fragrances are having a moment. Once everyone moves on to the next perfume-thing, we too will get swept up with the crowd and pick up something new. “I didn’t know I wanted to smell like milk until it became a thing!”


Social Influencers

It’s only been in recent times that we’ve had the capacity to peer so much and often into other people’s lives. Thanks to platforms like Instagram and TikTok, beauty bloggers and celebrities are playing key roles in shaping consumer preferences for fragrances.

We are continually being influenced about recommendations for a diverse array of perfumes. We see SOTD (Scent Of The Day) posts. We are shown extensive fragrance collections. We watch people shop for perfume. We watch people unbox and review perfume. We watch people share fragrance routines. We see how different fragrances can be used to create unique personal styles and enhance various looks. All of this contributes to the idea that we should be shopping for and building large perfume collections ourselves.

“Oh that’s right, I've been meaning to check out fig scents after watching some of the recent reviews”


Layer, Layer, Layer

Mixing perfumes, also known as fragrance cocktailing, is a fun way to experiment with scent. Even a small perfume collection offers a huge number of layering options if the perfumes play well together. Wearers can even create unique scents this way, without ever having to purchase any more products.

“You know, there’s no right or wrong way to layer. Your nose knows. I really love getting asked what I’m wearing and have to explain the method behind my madness!”


Limited Editions and Discontinuations

Sometimes our favorite perfumes get discontinued or are only available for a short time, making us switch to new ones. This might be the result of genuine ingredient shortages, lack of sales, or even clever marketing ploys used by perfume houses to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity around a perfume brand. Regardless, they drive us to constantly update our collection, rather than sticking to one scent.

“I fell into the worst depression when it was discontinued. I'm still in search of a perfume which smells like it”


Scent Profile Preferences  

Perhaps the ultimate compromise between having a signature scent and wearing something different every single day, is having a signature scent profile.

Instead of sticking to one signature scent, people stick to a range of scents they love, like florals, gourmands, vanilla, or earthy, woodsy scents. Or it could be a particular combination of notes they explore across different perfume brands.

In this case, there’s still consistency in scent expression, but it’s not exactly the same every day. It helps combat boredom and makes blind-buying perfumes less risky, since the wearer already knows there’s a good chance they will like the scent.

“If I had to choose a type of scent profile I gravitate toward the most, it would be woody, vanillery, lactonic fragrances. I love creamy woods with a hint of sweetness”.


So there you have it. 12 reasons why it’s practically impossible to find your signature scent. We aren’t complaining though, and if you are a fan of foodie fragrances, then check out the sweet-meets-sin-on-skin gourmand collection from Wicked Fumes.


Till next time, stay sweet!

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